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Technology and Tiaras:
Understanding the Role of Women in Technology Innovation

Technological innovations with strong markets are important for the growth of firms and economies worldwide. The currently low and declining number of women working in the technology sector means that human potential from half the population is being overlooked. As technology is now fundamental in shaping the world, this dearth will lead to women having a limited and passive influence on the way the future develops.

The British Academy  (Small Grants Scheme) has funded the project “Technology and Tiaras”   which aims to explore what it is that facilitates women’s working in the technology sector and how gender influences technology innovation. It will use a cross country perspective, initially  just two countries, the UK and France, to explore the place of cultural and social issues in influencing women’s working as technologists. This study contributes to the broader research agenda of technology innovation and gender equality.

The research was conducted by the University of Bradford School of Management (in association with University of Grenoble  I.A.E France) and lasted from September 2013 – October, 2015. We are grateful to the British Academy for their support in funding our project.

Details of research findings available here

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  1. Helen Necrews
    Mar 17, 2015 @ 17:51:32

    Hi Could you send me a copy of the outcome of the report relating to Technology and Tiaras:
    Understanding the Role of Women in Technology Innovation.