CodeDicks: The Answer to CodeBabes

CodeDicks: The Answer to CodeBabes

It is not clear whether CodeBabes was a spoof or gimmick or even joke – but it unleashed a storm on twitter and caused some consternation among many in the tech industry (women especially) Using semi-naked women in different stages of undress to “sell” web development courses at different stages of “difficulty” (virgin to advanced) with the most advanced being a silhouette of a woman in her underwear. Their philosophy is summarised in 8 points – all very “jokey” – LOL – (they even mention FAP …. ROFL). Their twitter followers now number 1,074 and they have a link for as coming soon.

If you follow that link, they claim that “ was a Rage Marketing Case Study, times 100. We’re happy to provide link bait for as many people as possible.”

…. Make of that what you will.

In response some wag has set up CodeDicks (not Dudes) this is a static page that uses the same template and has a link for “how to be a dick”, when you click on this takes you to CodeBabes. CodeDicks also have set up a twitter account @codedicks and their followers number 175 (interesting comparison). On their twitter page they claim “This is satire. None of these dudes approve of sexism and would like to see people of all genders treated equally and respectfully, particularly in our industry”.   A great antidote to the dick problem in the technology sector.

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